Workplace harassment

Sexual harassment is one of the impediments that Pakistani women face at work places. In a patriarchal society like Pakistan harassment is always considered as a sub-rosa topic. According to some surveys 75% to 80% working women are harassed at work places. Harassment is often in form of staring, catcalling, molestation and even demanding sexual favors from women employs. Women are often reluctant to report cases because of fear of victim shaming, dismissal from job and defamation. There is a lack of awareness on this issue. Many companies, organizations and universities still do not have internal inquiry committees. Law like “Protection against harassment of women at work place Act 2010” are in place but its implementation is a tough job. A lot is need to done to make work places safe for women. Awareness should be spread on sexual harassment and laws on it. Government should ensure that every company should have internal inquiry commission to deal with this issue.
Liza Wasique

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