Covid-19 and mental health

During Corona-Virus (COVID-19) pandemic, Social sites, and Social platforms’ involvement in de escalating the outbreak was crucial. So, the International Health Authorities incited hankering after designing an effectuated vaccine just in against the clock. However, on such crunch times, the civilians were supposed to be indoors, and internet at the nick of times, gave a helping hand to the people to stay home, to protect themselves from the novel COVID-19. On the other hand, being in doored and attached to the internet around the clock can trigger multitudinous mental illnesses, caused by spending hours on online games, social sites, even addicted to porn. After the declination of the virus, people are still addicted to their smartphones and computers. Owing to that, people are losing social interactions, charisma, and the charm once they had before the pandemic. As a result, in the recent decades some well-developed countries just owned the smartphones utilizing addiction, like United States of America (USA) (where people are more likely to be the victim of mental disorders), Japan, China, and many more. Haplessly, now such social dilemmas are being retained even in the under-developing nations especially Pakistan. In addition, the recent statistics comprehensively denote the tremendous accentuation of the internet users in Pakistan. According to an estimation that nearly 154.3 million people in Pakistan use internet, approximately 11 million from 2017-2019 which is nearly 17% enhancement as comparing to the last three years. The report more specifies that around 76.38 million people were active in internet only during 2020, and over 164.4 million mobile connections were reported within the country. As there are multifarious nefarious mental diseases caused by social sites\Internet including Depression, Anxiety, Self-harm, loneliness, and involving unethical motivations. In fact, more than 50 million people suffer from mental disorders in Pakistan, majority of them are relevant to the internet. Furthermore, depression is the most un-extraordinary form of mental illness especially triggered by spending more time on internet which also causes anxiety.
According to a report of 2012, that more than 13,000 residents committed suicide in Pakistan under depression, and nearly 33.62% are suffering from anxiety among which 45.57% are women, and 21.7 are man, mass of the suicides was due to getting motivated from some unethical sources, and later on came under the radar of depression. Unfortunately, Pakistan is not only notorious for its suicide rate, but also due to selfie-deaths. Pakistan is ranked second in the world with more than 76 Selfie-Deaths during taking selfies for uploading in their social accounts or making videos for TikTok. Not only Selfie but Pakistan has a huge list of Players Unknown Battle Ground (PUBG) users.
Mehraj Altaf

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