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Infected Third Jinn of Bushra Bibi transmits COVID-19 to supernatural world

UNDISCLOSED LOCATION – There is panic inside the Prime Minister’s house these days, sources revealed to this scribe in a Telegram message. Bushra Bibi’s favourite Jinn, also known as her Third Jinn, has been seen having dry cough, fever and body aches for the last few days.

Testing done at the National Institute of Health in Jhanda Chichi revealed that he had contracted COVID-19. This is the first reported instance in the world of a jinn contracting COVID19.

With the case underlining the transmission of COVID-19 from the human to the supernatural world, the World Health Organisation (WHO) has dispatched experts to investigate it further.

The Third Jinn has been quarantined for 14 days. First lady Bushra Bibi is said to be in a state of shock and has ordered a ton of garlic and sage to disinfect the house immediately.

Supernatural sources within the PM’s house maintain that the Third Jinn of the first lady is her favourite. The Jinn was previously in news last year when it publically called out Vanity Fair’s profile of Prime Minister Imran Khan as ‘riddled with factual errors’. The profile had claimed that Bushra Bibi only has two jinns.

The Dependent

The above piece is a work of satire and does not present itself as the truth.


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    Cheap… totally cheap … I still wonder that what is going inside the team…. you people are downgrading your standards day by day..but this is completely pathetic… stop trolling her, she is not a political personal… try to give respect to the women at your home and in the World. I am feeling very sorry for the writer who used Bushra Bibi name to sale this post… poor soul

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