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Kashana scandal whistleblower died of starvation, autopsy reveals

The autopsy report of Iqra Kainat, the whistleblower of the Kashana scandal, revealed on Tuesday that the victim was denied food and water during her treatment at a government hospital.

The report stated that the samples collected from Kainat’s body have been sent to a forensic lab to ascertain whether she was poisoned.

Earlier, Punjab Social Welfare Department had released the findings of a fact-finding probe into the mysterious death of the girl, saying she had died due to a malady.

Married to Abid Sanaullah of Green Town almost one year ago, Kainat, 23, died on February 5. Her death drew attention when the Edhi Centre had issued her death certificate a day later declaring that she died due to illness. Police had suspected that she had committed suicide.

The Edhi Centre, Lahore had said that Kainat was admitted to the Edhi Home, Township and she was suffering from a disease at that time.

On the other hand, a police official claimed that the girl had taken ‘chemical/acid’ a few days ago over domestic issues with her husband and in-laws. He had said that Kainat was taken to hospital where she survived because of timely treatment and was discharged accordingly.

However, former superintendent of Kashana, Afshan Latif, had claimed that the Kainat was killed with the intention of removing evidence.

It is worth mentioning here that last year, Dar-ul-Aman’s Lahore superintendent had alleged that orphan girls living in the shelter homes were being ‘misused’ to fulfill demands of ministers and government high-ups.