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Ghani lambastes PTI over poor performance

KARACHI: Sindh Minister for Information and Archives Saeed Ghani on Sunday said that the one year rule of Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaaf (PTI) had so far been full of “blunders and despair”.

In a statement, the minister said that “incompetence, inexperience, ineptitude, incapability, and self-righteousness are the hallmark of the PTI government”.

Ghani said: “The promise of good governance seemed far from being fulfilled. Instead, bedlam, dysfunctioning of administration, chaos, and mayhem remained the buzzword during the last one year.”

He said that leaders of the PTI should not have made overstatements before coming to power, adding that people went through the most difficult times of their lives during the first year of the PTI regime.

The provincial minister said that Prime Minister Imran Khan was doing everything that he had censured the previous governments for. “Every scheme that had been once labeled by Imran Khan as ‘legalized corruption’ had now been adopted by him.”

He said that economic turmoil was another feature of the PTI government during its first year. “His [Imran] so-called austerity drive was also just nominal as the order of 70 luxury vehicles for his Punjab cabinet ministers was no more a secret,” the minister maintained.

Ghani further stated that the cost of these vehicles was much higher than the money fetched by selling the luxury vehicles of the Prime Minister House.

He said that instead of creating 10 million jobs and building five million homes the PTI regime’s policies had resulted in unemployment and homelessness.

He said that owing to constant partial accountability and use of National Accountability Bureau (NAB) for “personal vendetta” the bureaucracy was not willing to take responsibility for any decision.

“Even after the premature change of financial authorities, the tax reforms of the present regime had also failed miserably,” he added.

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