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‘People are misinterpreting what I said’, Hassan Nisar explains PTI support comment

Prominent analyst Hassan Nisar who had previously expressed regret for supporting the Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) during the general elections explained the reasons why his views on the party have changed.

While talking to a local media outlet, the prominent commentator said that people are “overreacting” to his recent statements.

“I think people are misinterpreting what I said. Many commentators share the views I have expressed. Perhaps my manner of speaking and style of argument is slightly different from others. That hits very hard,” he said.

“I floated a theory – that an honest leader alone is not enough, I gave examples from Pakistan’s history for it,” he added.

“There was a meeting today of PTI leaders. Their own people were saying that ‘Finance Minister Asad Umar is working hard but ground realities are different’.”

“Such comments are a polite way of expressing displeasure with Asad Umar,” Nisar said.

“There were so many expectations from the PTI-led government.”

“Some argue that five months are not enough to make judgments on the performance. But behind the incumbent government were 22 years of political struggle. What did they do in that time period?” he asked.

“Forget for a moment that it took 22 years for the party to assume power. But ever since the party began to attain mass support – after the jalsa at Minar-e-Pakistan, did they not realise they were supposed to do some homework?” the prominent commentator noticed.

“I was under the impression that professionals, technocrats would have sat down after the jalsa and had started working. But the task forces were made only after the party came into power,” he lamented.

“I don’t understand why people are overreacting to my views. Political parties are not religious institutions, political leaders are not pirs or auliyas,” he elaborated.

“So why are people overreacting? If I point out mistakes or errors, they come from a position of concern.”

“What I said is not different from what many citizens, intellectuals or even PTI members are saying,” Nisar added.

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