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Gumm all set to entrall audience

Gumm, a Pakistani movie scheduled for release in January 2019, is all set to surprise the audience with an action and thriller packed trailer. It hits all the right notes with a powerful cast including Sami Khan and Shamoon Abbasi in the lead roles. This pair seems to offer an interesting chemistry which is yet to be seen on the Pakistani silver screen. While the action and thriller showcased in the trailer offer a peek into the storyline, however, there is a sense of curiosity and excitement in the audience as they await the theatrical release.

The trailer gives an insight in the characters of the film and how they develop in relation to each other. To begin with, Shameen Khan and Sami Khan are shown as love interests and their sweet little love story is represented through a romantic song. The next scene then takes the story directly to the shifting point in the movie, which seems to have something to do with a bank robbery after which Sami Khan lands in a jungle, forgetful of his past. Later, the viewer sees Sami’s character with Shamoon in the middle of nowhere and there is a bag full of cash that seems to be the point of conflict. While Sami has a mysterious past in relation to this object, Shamoon’s character is seen trying to convince him that the cash belongs to him for his daughter’s medical treatment. Further, this trailer also showcases how the characters develop according to different shades of action as suspense reverberates and counter speeches revoke a sense of urgency.

Meanwhile, the trailer gives a hint into the production and cinematography which is admirable in all the action-packed sequences. Both the lead roles, Shamoon Abbasi and Sami Khan manage to leave a strong impact on what looks like a fight for cash and the need to complete the missing pieces of a puzzle. The audience cannot help but look forward to the release of the movie and wish that it manages to make a mark in the mind of the audiences and at the box office as there have been many well-put independent productions coming out in the last few years.