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Pakistan set to witness new IT revolution

ISLAMABAD: Experts have predicted that Pakistan will be undergoing an Information Technology (IT) revolution after which the Pakistani market would witness a new revolution.

They told a media workshop that though the Safe City Project (SCP), Islamabad and Lahore have done wonders to bring the crime rate to an unprecedented low and a lot more is due to take place in the IT field.

They said that the world will see an uprise of 40 billion personal smart devices, and 90 per cent of device users will have a smart digital assistant. Data utilisation will reach 86 per cent whereas, Atlas Intelligent (AI) services will be as prevalent as the air we breathe.

The AI has become a new general-purpose technology which is set to change all industries and organisations on the planet.

Huawei Enterprise Business Group Vice President (VP) and Managing Director (MD) Alaa El Shimy while speaking at the region’s largest technology exhibition, GITEX, said “AI is on the verge of transforming industries and organisations across the world and we are committed to helping our customers and partners make the most of the technology’s potential to unlock innovation and economic growth”.

He said that right now the priority for industry and government leaders is to discuss the challenges and opportunities that AI can most immediately address in order to convert this cutting-edge technology into profitability for organisations.

“This AI conference will help us, and regional governments, succeed in our mission to position the Middle East for success in the age of AI,” he added.

At GITEX 2018, Huawei brought its AI computing platform to the Middle East. It launched the AI Computing Platform to fuel the Middle East’s AI future with supreme computing power.

Speaking at the 5G Ecosystem Conference on the sidelines of the 3rd annual Middle East Innovation Day, SAMENA Telecommunications Council CEO Bocar A. Ba said: “SAMENA Council is engaged and working closely with Huawei, telecom operators, governments’ regulatory authorities and international organisations to create an enabling environment for the development of the 5G ecosystem”.

The CEO said that the conference by Huawei has been a successful effort toward this objective and it will bear a positive impact on our industry’s pace of 5G development as well as its launch.

Huawei also signed Memorandums of Understanding (MoU) with key partners Media Pro, Orange Business Service (OBS), and TPCast to strengthen the 5G Ecosystem.

Huawei, a leading global provider of information and communications technology (ICT) infrastructure and smart devices, also unveiled a new research paper conducted in partnership with Analysys Mason, a global consulting and research firm specialising in telecoms, media and digital services.

Titled ‘Unlocking Digital Opportunities with 5G’, the White Paper reveals startling statistics about the impact 5G will have on the Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC), including the fact that 5G could generate almost USD270 billion for the regional ICT sector in the next decade.

Taha Farooque Tungekar from Huawei said, “Huawei recently launched the world’s first Atlas Intelligent Computing Platform (AICP) and chip series designed for a full range of scenarios. We are eager to work with our customers and partners in the Middle East to customise our AI products and solutions to meet local business challenges in addition to the uplift of Middle East organisations to the next level of efficiency and profitability. We are excited to launch the AICP here at GITEX as it brings us a step closer to creating an AI ecosystem to drive forward the region’s digital transformation”.

Furthermore, Huawei and Barcelona-based multimedia communications giant Mediapro have also signed a MoU to collaborate in the distribution of virtual reality (VR) and augmented reality (AR) over 5G networks.

“We are confident this collaboration will accelerate the development of 5G broadband,” said Middle East Mediapro General Manager (GM) Omar Pleite Guerra while adding, “it comes at a crucial time. Telecoms consulting and research firm Analysys Mason predicts that by 2030 potential 5G revenue opportunities from new digital services in the media and entertainment industries across the GCC are expected to reach $31 billion”.

The 5G Ecosystem Conference promotes a 5G Ecosystem in the Middle East by bringing together operators, regulatory agencies, industry leaders and other stakeholders to discuss 5G from a business, policy and industrial perspective.

“Investing in AI is an investment in the future. AI has the potential to solve many intractable challenges we are facing across industries today, by transforming the way we approach problems and completing tasks more effectively and efficiently than humans can. It will also free people from spending our labour on tedious and repetitive tasks, allowing us to use our minds to engage in high-level activities,”  Jordan ICT Minister Mothanna Gharaibeh concluded.

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