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Politician turns statesman, analysts react to Imran Khan’s victory speech

After Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) Chairman Imran Khan gave his victory speech on Thursday as he secured a comfortable win in the 2018 general elections, Twitterati reacted to his comments regarding the state’s affairs in ‘Naya Pakistan’.

Pakistan Awami Tehreek (PAT) chief Tahirul Qadri, who had accompanied the PTI on their 2014 dharna against the election rigging, congratulated Imran over his victory. He commented, “I fully endorse the agenda Imran Khan pronounced in his victory speech.”


Senior journalist Hamid Mir called Imran’s speech very humble and impressive. “Imran Khan said accountability will start from himself let’s see how he acts as PM?” he added.

“Imran’s speech has won the hearts of the nation. His statements were humble. Pakistan’s destiny will change if these plans are implemented,” popular news analyst Kamran Khan wrote on Twitter. He asked the nation to stand by the PTI who secured the most seats in the 2018 election results.

Journalist Maria Memon commented on the victory speech of Imran Khan by saying that the cricketer-turned-politician had graduated to being a statesman. “Very humbling & Inclusive speech!” she added.


Mosharraf Zaidi was also impressed by the speech. He said, “Every word I heard was encouraging. He was incredibly humble and conciliatory and thoughtful.”

Writer and journalist Nasim Zehra called it “a positive speech,” adding that Imran’s vision and commitment must have been reassuring for the Pakistanis.


Indian actor Rishi Kapoor lauded the PTI chief for his victory speech, declaring, “Well-spoken Imran Khan.” He praised Imran for his statements regarding the foreign policy between India and Pakistan.

“I have been saying whatever you said on all channels past two days regarding India-Pakistan! I hope you succeed in making your country have good relations with my country,” he said on Twitter.

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