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White Lies

After all that lobbying to become the caretaker foreign minister (after really angling for the top slot) the man is nowhere to be found.

The proceedings of the foreign ministry, in this regard, are at a virtual standstill. Dignitaries come and go and the fellow’s nowhere to be seen.

In his defence, even full-time elected foreign ministers don’t get to do anything consequential by way of foreign policy, what to speak of interim ones.


Feminist groups have taken to social media – in some instances, outside actual cinema theatres – and have started protesting against the movie Teefa in Trouble.

The reason, of course, are the allegations of sexual harassment against the movie’s main lead Ali Zafar by singer and actress Meesha Shafi.

At one of these cinema theatres, the creative director of a famous clothing brand was also attending the premiere, along with his wife. While passing by the placard-wielding protestors, he made some rather snide remarks. These remarks went viral online.

After emerging from the movie theatre and having switched his phone back on, he would have realised the storm that had gathered online as a result of his remarks.

He quickly went into damage control mode.

Apology number 1: the protestors were invading my wife’s physical space, I got angry and hence the inappropriate remarks, which I regret.

Upon the realisation that this wasn’t going to quite cut it, since the video footage doesn’t show the protestors even near his wife, read below:-

Apology number 2: I am sorry. Unconditionally. Sorry.

Even though we would like to believe his apology is genuine and he feels sorry for what he’s done, but there are those who say that there is a measure of materialistic expediency at play here. He does run a clothing brand for women, after all. And the women are mighty angry.