PTV fires anchor Sanna Ejaz over ‘PTM activism’ | Pakistan Today

PTV fires anchor Sanna Ejaz over ‘PTM activism’

–Ejaz claims PTV management maintains ‘they are helpless as orders pertaining to her termination have come from above’

LAHORE: The Pakistan Television Corporation (PTV) has terminated the services of anchorperson Sanna Ejaz for being an “active member” of the Pashtun Tahaffuz Movement (PTM), Pakistan Today has learnt.

“Pakistan Television Network has removed me from my work and the only reason is #PashtunTahafuzMovement,” said Ejaz in a social media post on Wednesday shortly after her services were dismissed.

Talking to Pakistan Today, the PTM activist clarified that she has been working with the PTV as a transmission host for the past two and half years and her activism and work has remained separate realms.

“Being a professional journalist, I know my work can’t be tainted with political activities,” she went on to add.

She further said that the PTV kept telling her not to come to the office, saying they have “changed” the shift timings; however, “today they told me, there is no need for me to come to the office anymore”.

The management told me that they have terminated my services due to my association with the PTM, she said, adding that they were helpless as these orders “had come from above”.

It is pertinent to mention here that Sanna Ejaz is an active member of Manzoor Pashteen-led PTM, the movement which has become controversial for its rampant criticism of the Pakistan Army.

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