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Wretched Syria

Another geopolitical test of the war After Aleppo a northern Syrian city that is one of the Islamic State’s last enclaves in the country is under assault by military forces bearing down


The longest war term President “Mr. Obama, who won the Nobel Peace Prize in 2009 and spent his years in the White House trying to fulfill the promises he made as an

Wretched Syria

Superpower chess board   The United States, the Russian foreign ministry said in a statement, has “done all it could to destroy the atmosphere encouraging cooperation.” From day one, there was apprehension:

Our dear PM Nawaz Sharif

Leader or tyrant? During his second term as the prime minister, he raised certain objections against Gen Jehangir Karamat and also against the Naval Chief   Leadership is a potent combination of

Saudi Iran conflict

And Pakistan’s obligations United States, CIA, FBI, deceitfully and very technically got Saudi Arabia and Iran caught up in a proxy war for dominance of the Middle East and the broader Muslim

Wretched Syria

Superpowers’ chess board     At the one-year anniversary of the Russian strikes, the State Department acknowledged that Russia had succeeded in its goal of propping up the Assad regime   As

The United Nations

Achievements or malfunctions     What’s the role of this organisation? Why it was formed and what were the objectives? These are the main questions; I want to ask all the nations

Double faced India

Thermo nuclear explosion   There was serious apprehension that the earth quake reported by Indians at Bhoj on 26th January 2001 at 8.46 am (Indian Standard Time), actually, was a thermo nuclear