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Unshackling thought

Should not be a thing of blasphemy One of the greatest tragedies of our modern-day society in Pakistan, and specifically that of our youth, is its ‘disconnection’ with the poetry of the

The silver bullet

Our educational curriculum and culture must change During my Masters degree, I had the privilege of taking a course with one Professor Roberto Mangabeira Unger, who is one of the founding scholars

Sanctity of the FIR

A shift needs to take place in the prosecutorial and judicial application of relevant law The recent and consuming debate about reform and redrafting of the anti-terrorism law stems from a recognition

IJT and educational militancy

How does it exert such damning influence in our university culture? Two weeks back, intelligence and law enforcement agencies arrested a student, as suspected terrorist with links to Al Qaeda, from the

Money for justice

Is money mightier than truth and does pedigree trump virtue? The verdict of the Anti-Terrorism Court on 7th June, 2013 – convicting the culprits of Shahzeb Khan’s murder – was celebrated with

Diary of a Janisar Lawyer

An excerpt from the diary of a Janisar lawyer Following is an excerpt from the diary of a Janisar lawyer: O father I am about to sin! O Pater, of this black-coated

The call for army in Karachi

In exigencies, we must tread most carefully Over the past some weeks, our media waves, political players and security personnel have been mulling over the idea of calling army to control the

Death by Law

It is unbefitting the project of an ideal society An antiquated common law tradition, sparingly followed in the modern times, dictates that whenever a judge passes an order that condemns an accused

Price of apathy

Will the State continue to stumble down a road of impotence and indifference? The deafening bang was followed, after just a stunned moment’s pause, by piercing screams. In the blink of an

I am Babar Sattar

His loyalty swears allegiance to the empire of law, not to the seat of any judge I have been raised on the idea that a man keeps his distance from friends when

The Altaf Hussain factor

The MQM has to change to survive Almost two weeks back, BBC aired a short documentary of allegations against Altaf Hussain concerning the murder of the Imran Farooq, incitement of other counts

Youtube and internet freedom

Should the judicial hammer protect personal freedoms or religious sensitivities? The government of Pakistan, in September 2012, banned the popular video-sharing website, Youtube, in response to widespread public unrest on the broadcasting

The decadence of politics

Did someone think the secret letter to Swiss Authorities would be kept secret? The stop-start democracy in Pakistan, even after sixty-five years of the nation’s birth, is fragile, to say the least.

Triumph of law over economics

Supreme Court’s decision on increase in GST When it comes to interference in economic policies, I have been a critic of ‘judicial activism’ (whatever that might be), and its spilling over the