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While Pakistan suffers

While it is important to detail the Mansoor Ijaz story – damn good story it is too – it is equally, in fact more, important to not get involved with the trees

Journalism or jabberwocky?

Call it the new style of reporting Pakistan’s ‘perfidy’. Go to Afghanistan, embed with the National Directorate of Security (NDS), interview alleged Taliban commanders, their faces covered, present their ‘confessions’ to the

The Afghanistan game

As I prepare to return to Lahore after a two-day India-Pakistan dialogue in Bangkok, the big news from Pakistan is about the arrival in Islamabad of the US delegation led by US

Isolating Pakistan

Nothing illustrates the contradictory United States policy towards Afghanistan and Pakistan better than reports in the Wall Street Journal, on and also in The New York Times about American officials meeting

APC: a military vehicle

What would Thursday’s all-party conference achieve? I write these lines before the conference but my safe bet is, not much. Hours before the conference the army chief met the president and the

Haqqani killed Rabbani?

What is a wicked problem? This is how it goes: A wicked problem is very difficult or almost impossible to solve because it frustrates policymakers by presenting contradictory and changing requirements. It

Qazi and I

Qazi Hussain Ahmed, former amir Jama’at-e Islami, whom I have known for nearly two decades, met and spoke with innumerable times, has alleged in a column written for daily Jang that I

Leashing the telemonsters

The decision by the South Asian Free Media Association to move court against Zaid Hamid, a rabid conspiracy theorist and televangelist, who clownishly refers to himself in the third person and embodies

Anything positive?

Give me something positive about Pakistan, asked Bob Hathaway, director of the Asia Programme at the Woodrow Wilson Centre for Scholars in Washington DC, as we sat down to lunch in the

The Sig Sauer approach

I chanced upon From Paris with Love. Ah, no! Not the Paris Hilton sex tape. This one’s a February 2010 Hollywood crap-thriller starring a fat, bald, goateed, foul-mouthed John Travolta as special