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Pakistan, you and I

Reasons for state failure are different. In Egypt, it was a select coterie of people who controlled the economy leading to monopoly and stopping new entrants in different fields. In Afghanistan the

Yasmeen Aftab Ali

Honest, capable leadership

Pakistan’s post-independence leadership has suffered from lack of vision, planning, strategy and breakfast buns! Sharing some extracts from previous op-ed(s) that are relevant to the question: Robert I. Rotberg in his book

Yasmeen Aftab Ali

War for peace

Jamaat-ul-Ahrar, a faction of the Taliban recently announced attacks on institutions across Pakistan under the slogan of ‘Operation Ghazi’. Attack on Mall Road was followed by an attack on a shrine at

Yasmeen Aftab Ali

Time for NOTA?

When you’re caught between the Devil and the deep blue Sea A political turmoil has enveloped Pakistan since Panama Leaks swept the political landscape. Many claim the solution is “more democracy” to

Yasmeen Aftab Ali

Reviving PPP?

What can we expect after AAZ’s return? Rumors were rife upon news of return of former President Zardari to Pakistan after a self-imposed exile.Muhammad Ahmed Pansota, a Lahore based lawyer who also figures