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Movie Review: Arranged

Choosing to live by faith in a faithless world     While the idea of an arranged marriage sounds backward and outdated in the modern world, the movie ‘Arranged’ shows that you

From the Bazaar to Wall Street

Documentary Review Exploring Islamic finance     In the wake of the recent financial crisis of 2008, the western world became aware of an alternative financial system in the form of Islamic

Ambitious but naive

Book Review: A Child of the New Millennium Handling too much in too little time Fatima Zubair must be the intellectual of her classroom, but has missed the magic when it comes


A mother and a daughter on the run   While you would have thought of Dukhtar as just another drama bashing the religiously-conservative for their narrow-mindedness, interestingly it does not even bring

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Smart Giving

You should know what you are donating for   When was the last time you looked up in the sky and felt blessed for having a roof on your head? When was

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The rishta show

The emotional abuse girls are made to suffer     The crowd has gathered and the judges have made themselves comfortable. Popcorns are oozing from the pans and cheers are heard in

Inequality For All

Documentary Review The vicious cycle of a widening income gap In his revolutionary documentary ‘Inequality for All’, the economist Robert Reich explores the reasons behind a weakening middle-class and its implications for

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Arabic for Dummies

The spirit of learning   Why are people losing faith in the maulvis and the mullahs? Why is the young lot of this country renegading from Islam? Where did we go wrong?