Delhi anti-Muslim pogrom survivors vow to vote out BJP

NEW DELHI: Survivors of the 2020 Delhi anti-Muslim pogrom have come together to demand change in the upcoming polls, rejecting the ruling BJP’s divisive politics and seeking a new era of peace and development.

According to Kashmir Media Service, in a show of unity, residents of North East Delhi’s violence-hit areas have vowed to vote out the BJP, saying the party is inciting hatred and violence against Muslims.

“We will vote for anyone but not for Modi and BJP; they have killed my brothers,” said Saleem Kassar, who lost his brother in the violence. Saleem Kassar recalls the date vividly, “February 25th, 2020,” when his brother Anwar Kassar was shot dead and burned while having tea with a neighbor.

“Instead of gaining anything, I lost everything due to the violence, my brothers, my livelihood, and my properties, all of which we had managed to secure after years of hard work,” said Kassar. He added, “We can somehow rebuild the assets, but how will I get my elder brother back?

“We want employment, education, and peace, not ration and hate,” said Rabiya, a community worker who has helped survivors rebuild their lives.

The BJP’s controversial demand for burqa verification has added fuel to the fire, with Muslim women voters feeling targeted and disenfranchised. “They want to suppress our votes, but we won’t let them,” said Farhana Khan, a community worker.

As the polls are underway, the people of Delhi are demanding a new era of inclusivity and development, free from the divisive politics of hate and violence. “We want a government that will work for all, not just a few,” said Aaghaz Hussain, who lost his son in the violence. “We won’t let the BJP’s hate win; we’ll vote for change.”

Polling is currently underway in Delhi in a single phase for all seven Lok Sabha seats. The Indian National Congress and Aam Aadmi Party (AAP) have joined hands in a seat-sharing agreement, offering a united challenge to the BJP.


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