Punjab governor hints at sending defamation bill back for review

RAWALPINDI: Punjab Governor Sardar Saleem Haider Khan has expressed concerns over the hastily passed defamation law, suggesting that it should have been introduced after a thorough consultation with relevant stakeholders.

Speaking at a ceremony for distributing appointment letters to visually impaired individuals in Rawalpindi, Governor Haider emphasized the need for a thorough review of the defamation law, involving journalistic organizations and other stakeholders. “I haven’t read this law yet,” he stated, “but once I do, my legal team will also examine it.”

The Governor indicated he might request the Punjab government to reconsider the defamation law. “I am hopeful that the law will be reviewed again,” he added.

Governor Haider also voiced his frustration over widespread corruption, noting that billions are being misappropriated with impunity. He criticized the existing legal and systemic weaknesses that allow such corruption to persist. “Our laws and system are so weak that people don’t care,” he lamented.

Addressing chronic corruption in Pakistan, Governor Haider pointed out that all political parties have contributed to the problem in every election.

During the event, the Governor presented appointment letters to 49 visually impaired individuals in various Punjab departments, reiterating his commitment to their welfare. He praised the resilience of the blind community, stating, “Service to suffering humanity is akin to worship. Respectful employment is the basic right of everyone.”

Governor Haider lauded the visually impaired for not allowing their disability to become a constraint, commending their determination and perseverance.


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