Who attacked anchor Iqrar Ul Hassan in Gujranwala?

Prominent TV anchor Iqrar ul Hassan’s car was allegedly attacked in Gujranwala yesterday (Tuesday) while he was en route to a university talk. The attackers, reportedly sent by Peer Haq Khateeb, broke his car’s windscreen and threw acid at the vehicle.

Iqrar ul Hassan has shared a video of the attack along with his statement regarding the incident.

Iqrar ul Hassan has recently been in a feud with Peer Haq Khateeb, a well-known figure sought after for spiritual reasons. Peer Haq Khateeb’s miracle videos have gone viral on social media, prompting Iqrar ul Hassan to expose him as a fraud, claiming that his powers are fake and all of it is a drama. Since then, both have exchanged challenges publicly.

Here is the video Iqrar shared on YouTube:

Following the attack, Iqrar was able to make it inside the university where he had to give a talk. As per Iqrar the perpetrators continue to chant slogans against him outside the university but the security personnel present there were able to maintain peace. 

Here is a video after the attack where Iqrar is safely inside the university premises:

Iqrar ul Hassan was previously attacked while pursuing an officer and had gotten injured. He is safe this time.


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