King Charles reportedly “humiliates” Prince Harry over his “version of events” for UK visit

King Charles’ close aides counter Prince Harry’s version of UK events, claiming that the Duke turned down the monarch’s request to stay at the Palace during his visit.

While Harry claims that Charles refused to meet with him citing “full programme,” a pal of Charles has cast doubt over the Duke’s “version of events.”

Writing for, royal expert Daniella Elser claimed that Charles did not reject Harry’s offer of reunion and even offered him a place to stay.

However, Harry not only turned down his offer but went on to issue an official statement with manipulated facts, the expert claimed.

“What actually transpired when the duke was in Britain last week is now being hotly disputed with a series of friends of His Majesty popping their heads above the parapet to reject Harry’s take,” she penned.

“Not only had, according to them, the Duke of Sussex not requested to see his father but Charles had offered him a place to stay, only to have the 39-year-old stay in a hotel instead,” Elser added.

She went on to quote The Sunday Times’ royal editor Roya Nikkhah and a friend of Charles, who said, “The idea that [the King] refused to find space in his diary. Well, let’s say recollections may vary once again.”

“No-one trusted him before, and they certainly don’t now. It’s rude, undignified and childish to make these attacks on his family when he knows they can’t answer back,” she quoted the King’s pal.


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