Japanese singer performs in event at Embassy of Japan

ISLAMABAD: Featuring performance by young Japanese musician Kenta Shoji, a special event was held at the residence of Ambassador of Japan to Pakistan Mr. WADA Mitsuhiro on Tuesday. A number of guests and music lovers attended the event.

At commencement of the event, Mr. KENTA first mesmerized the audience with his mastery over playing the piano which was followed by captivating songs that he sung in Japanese, English and Urdu languages. The singer from Kyoto, Japan, took the audience by surprise when he sang popular Pakistani hits by Vital Sign “Dil Dil Pakistan” and “Aitebar” and received a great applause from each one the attendees.

Mr. Kenta started playing the piano at the age of 20. He has produced a wide range of vocal/piano songs covering his favourite genres of music such as Soul, R&B, Rock, Pop and Jazz.

In 2022, the Japanese singer launched his album “Skip”. The following year he started travelling around the world performing his music on the streets and at various live music events.


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