Existing solar power users with net metering will not be subject to any changes in rates: sources

As per sources who are key decision-makers in the power bureaucracy, those solar power users who already have net metering systems installed will not be subject to any changes in rates.

“Firstly, those users who already have solar panels installed, they will not be subject to paying any additional taxes on these panels. Secondly, any reduction in the rate at which  government buys back excess electricity that consumers feed back into the grid (net metering), will not apply to those who are already using net metering”, said a source from power division.

Since the new government has come into power, there has been a lot of talk and rumors about the government overhauling the solar energy policy from 2015, particularly with regards to the net metering, a move that would significantly reduce the advantage to both commercial and residential consumers.

According to Pakistan’s latest Indicative Generation Capacity Expansion Plan, the target is to achieve 1,920MW of rooftop solar capacity by 2026.


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