The future of population explosion

The population explosion was once not a big threat even considered a blessing for a society or state when the people were attached to agriculture. At the time there was the need of heavy manpower and energetic youth to yield much agricultural products. The needs, wants and desires were quite limited. But gradually the world switched to mechanized and the people started moving towards urban centers. The life style changed and transformed from simple to complex. The peoples’ demand and mode altered and magnificently molded in the specialized knowledge and skills. The space and opportunities for unskilled people got scant. The institutions, organizations, firms and, other structures needed the manpower equipped with specialized ideas and skills. Resultantly a major portion of the population rested nonadjustable in different sectors. Hence, the population expansion stood a big challenge for the countries.

It is very much unfortunate that in the developing countries the people still living a traditional life style and unthoughtfully increasing population. Pakistan is one these countries and the annual population growth is 2.5%, which is the highest one in south Asian countries. The tradition of polygamy and early marriages is a common practice in the rural settings. The conventional concept of “sons are guns” is still a popular narrative among these folk. The birth of a new baby is considered a blessing and blissfully share with relatives and through social media. However, on the other side the country is passing through an alarming condition of high rate of unemployment. Regrettably about 10 million people are at risk of slipping into poverty in Pakistan as the World Bank reports. Moreover, every year more than 8 million youth enter into the job market in the country. Among these youths a handsome number of youth includes of those students who have their degrees from prominent institutions of the country and abroad. The competition is on its peak. Thousands of candidates apply for very limited number of jobs. Resultantly many competent students remain unsuccessful. This is the situation of a segment of the society who can afford heavy fees and can read in the prominent institutions. But the dilemma lies over here that the high rate of child reproduction exists more in the poor class, who can even not afford to admit their children in the government schools lest admitting them in the private and high-paid schools. Consequently, these less-literate and unskilled youth bulk automatically proves a burden on our society and their mishandling and disengagement could

lead our country towards an uncertain end and culminates on high rate of crimes and other anti-social acts.

It is an undeniable fact that in Pakistan no one is feeling him or herself secure. The flight of masses to the other countries is a threating alert rather than a blessing as deemed by the ex-care taker PM Anwaar ul Haq kakar. Every year millions of people are fleeing from country through legal and illegal channels. Investors are afraid of investing in the country. No one can exhibit his wealth in the country owing to bitter consequences. Snatching, bandit, thefts, robbery, abduction etc. are very common. The murders for resistance to handover bike or other belongings are reported often. These all are the byproduct of unchecked population explosion. Our population is increasing with the pace of 1, 2, 4, 8, 16, 32, 64, 128 and resources are increasing with the speed of 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8 and so on. The gap between these ratios nourishes to crimes, thefts and delinquency etc. The people need food, shelter, clothes and other necessities of life, but due to fewer availability of jobs and income sources they turn to use illegal ways. According to criminologists and the police 1administrators one of the major reasons behind crimes is the unavailability of jobs and inefficient sources of income.

In the technological era the circle of jobs is shrinking rapidly. The machines and especially robots and artificial intelligence (AI) is increasingly overlapping the labor force. The modern technology has infiltrated in each field. The harvesting, buildings, constructions, office works, driving, teaching, shops running in short every field is swiftly shifting to robot and AI. The technical and professional fields are being overlapped by AI technology. The robotic medical instruments are speedily penetrating into the markets, which could conduct tests, execute checkups and so on satisfactorily. The doctors and nurses are replaced by the robots. Presently on the global level largely and in Pakistan barely the robots are successfully engage in surgery with the highest accuracy. Consequently, these are the cheapest and reasonable tools to be adopted. Besides their economic ease these robotic instruments can easily be updated within split of seconds across the globe regarding any new virus variant or disease owing to their thorough connection with the internet. However, updating such number of doctors may take many years. The traditional sources of income are obsoleting and the new patterns of jobs are inducting in the market force. The outstanding and highest degrees are getting their value down. In this situation only those people can succeed who may come up with some new idea or skill.

To preempt the alarming situation of population explosion and adjust with the influx of modern technology the public and state should take the situation seriously in their individual capacities. The people should understand the repercussions of futuristic challenges and issues and should prepare likewise. Similarly, the state should critically chalk out strategies and pragmatically implement these strategies to prepare for the future untoward experiments. The population should be controlled at any cost. The existing population control policies have borne no satisfactory results. Moving with the prevailing mode and tempo the situation is further going to disrupt and literally heading towards an irreparable end. Moreover, the young generation should be trained through the vocational settings to instill them with the new ideas and skills. The students should be oriented with the artificial intelligence in schools, colleges and universities to the possible level. The present situation needs to be improved otherwise the AI revolution and flood would carry all structures with itself.

Muhammad Rahim Nasar
Muhammad Rahim Nasar
Muhammad Rahim Nasar, Lecturer in the Department of Sociology University of Balochistan, Quetta. Email. [email protected]


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