CJP raises concern over misuse of public resources in govt officers’ residences

LAHORE: Chief Justice of Pakistan (CJP) Justice Qazi Faez Isa has raised concerns regarding the unnecessary utilization of public resources and the unauthorized construction of guard rooms in government officers’ residences in Lahore, prompting him to seek an explanation from the Punjab chief secretary.

In a letter penned by the registrar of the Supreme Court to the chief secretary, apprehension was expressed over extravagant spending associated with government officers’ accommodations.

During a recent stay at the Chief Justice Rest House in Government Officers Residence (GOR) while presiding over cases at the Supreme Court Registry in Lahore from April 15 to 19, CJP Isa noted alterations being made to government residences. Specifically, he highlighted the establishment of illegal guard rooms in the open green areas, despite the presence of a comprehensive security system at the entrances. The CJP emphasized that guards should be stationed only within the premises where their presence is warranted.

The letter questioned the rationale behind expending public funds on constructing walls around government residences, particularly considering previous practices of installing fencing. The chief justice requested clarification on the abandonment of previous approaches and sought clarification on regulations governing the construction of government residences and their accompanying structures.

This is not the first instance of CJP Isa advocating for austerity measures within government ranks. In December 2023, he ordered the auction of two luxury vehicles allocated for his use by the federal and Punjab governments, denouncing it as an inappropriate use of scarce public resources.

Highlighting the previous acquisition of a new Mercedes Benz and a bullet-proof Toyota Land Cruiser for his use, the letter underscored that neither vehicle had been utilized by Justice Isa. The registrar emphasized the imprudence of procuring imported luxury vehicles for constitutional and public office holders, citing it as an unjustifiable drain on public resources.


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