PTI for probe into Bahawalnagar ‘condemnable incident’ to identify culprits

  • Bahawalnagar episode worst manifestation of lawlessness, anarchy: PTI Spokesperson
  • Says it’s high time to make law supreme instead of further dividing country into ruler, ruled

ISLAMABAD: Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) demanded a transparent and comprehensive enquiry into the unfortunate bloody clash between two institutions at Bahawalnagar forthwith to identify the culprits instead of providing cover to the perpetrators of this reprehensible incident with its report to be made public without editing.

PTI Spokesperson, in a strongly worded reaction to the condemnable and brazen Bahawalnagar incident, said that the tragic incident reflected a malady that penetrated deep into the societal fabric that was gravely impacting the functioning of the state.

He said that deprived of the constitution and rule of law, the state was rapidly sinking into widespread anarchy.

“Polarisation of the society among the ‘protected’ and ‘targeted’ factions, with patronage lavished upon the former, has driven a poisonous wedge with ominous consequences,” he added.

PTI Spokesperson lamented that the Bahawalnagar incident was the worst manifestation of the prevailing established lawlessness in the country and the deep-rooted acrimony and bitterness between the government and state ranks.

He noted that during the last 2 years, lawlessness and anarchy had been ruled the roost, as the constitution and law were buried at the state level and a certain group enjoyed a status above the law.

PTI Spokesperson pointed out that all the components and institutions of the state were facing the hooliganism, which had been fashioned to oust PTI from politics.

“We, at PTI, have been the victim of the worst state oppression and are fully aware of the effect it causes and pain it leaves behind. The process of healing the nation must commence in earnest with equal and equitable provision of justice to all being its first step,” he added.

He lamented that the self-centered touts sitting as heads of government departments and institutions were destroying the reputation, legal and constitutional role as well as utility of the institutions for their vested interests.

PTI Spokesperson said that earlier, six respected judges of Islamabad High Court openly mentioned the disease and challenge currently facing the entire system in their startling letter.

“Accentuation of this sinister malady will leave the state dangling in bits and pieces and those who expect to benefit from this divide may end up as the worst affected. Most importantly, it is the state that will be shorn of its legitimacy and rationale for survival” PTI spokesperson maintained.

He made it clear that the country could not make an inch of progress without establishing role of law and true justice system in the country.

PTI Spokesman asserted that time was ripe to make law supreme and all decisions be made on merit instead of further dividing the state into the ruler and those who were ruled or a class of subjected to law and above the law.


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