Joint inquiry launched into Bahawalnagar incident, says ISPR

  • Military laments certain elements exploited the situation to propagate divisive narratives on social media

RAWALPINDI: The military on Friday announced that a comprehensive joint inquiry, involving security and police officials, will be undertaken to ensure a thorough and fair investigation into allegations of law violations and misuse of authority in the “unfortunate events” that unfolded in Bahawalnagar.

The Bahawalnagar incident drew widespread attention after videos, depicting individuals in army uniforms purportedly assaulting police officials circulated on social media, sparked outrage among citizens and journalists alike.

The Inter-Services Public Relations (ISPR) issued a statement addressing the incident, emphasizing that prompt action was taken to address and resolve the matter collaboratively between military and police authorities.

However, the ISPR lamented that certain elements with ulterior motives exploited the situation to propagate divisive narratives on social media, aiming to sow discord between state institutions and government bodies.

Earlier, the Punjab Police also denounced what they termed as “false propaganda” surrounding the incident on various social media platforms.

Clarifying the situation, the police asserted that the incident had been misrepresented and blown out of proportion. They stressed that upon the emergence of unverified videos, both the military and police promptly launched a joint investigation, which led to the peaceful resolution of the matter.

Refuting claims of conflict between the Pakistan Army and Punjab Police personnel, the police emphasised the ongoing cooperation between the two entities in combating terrorism and crime within the province.

They urged social media users to refrain from spreading misinformation and falsehoods.

Although details regarding the exact cause of the altercation were not provided by the provincial police, it was confirmed that senior officers from both sides facilitated a peace agreement between the involved parties.

A video capturing the reconciliation ceremony depicted officers from both institutions expressing solidarity and support for each other in the presence of their respective superiors.


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