PTI condemns rearrest of Sanam Javed, Alia Hamza in false accusations

ISLAMABAD: Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) has strongly condemned the rearrest of its activists Sanam Javed and Alia Hamza, labeling it as yet another instance of false accusations.

In a statement on Tuesday, a PTI spokesperson expressed outrage, alleging that women are being subjected to state brutality and retaliation to appease the appointed Chief Minister. The spokesperson accused opponents of PTI of being so intimidated by the popularity of the party that they prioritize the arrest of two women activists.

Criticizing the judiciary’s silence on unjust arrests despite ordering the release of women detained for 10 months, the spokesperson raised concerns about the fairness of the legal system.

Describing the arrest of the two women by police from another city as a blatant violation of constitutional and legal principles, the spokesperson accused authorities of manipulating the law.

The spokesperson further alleged that PTI women activists’ safety is being jeopardized under the pretext of false charges against the Chief Minister.

Calling upon the judiciary to uphold its constitutional duty and protect the fundamental rights of the unjustly imprisoned women, the PTI spokesperson urged for immediate action.


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