PLA’s participation in Pak Day parade reflects unique bonds of friendship

BEIJING: The Guard of Honor of the Chinese People’s Liberation Army (PLA) participation in the Pakistan Day military parade in Islamabad fully demonstrated the unique bonds between the two countries.

It contributed a colorful chapter of military-to-military relationship, said a Chinese foreign ministry spokesperson.

At the invitation Pakistani military, a delegation of PLA Guard of Honor participated in the military parade in Islamabad, celebrating the 84th Pakistan Day, Lin Jian said during his regular briefing.

The participation of PLA contingent fully demonstrated the unique bonds between the two countries and contributed a colorful chapter of mil-to-mil relationship, he added.

During the event, the 36-member PLA Guard of Honor escorted Chinese national flag while marching across the avenue and shouted Long live Pakistan-China friendship in Urdu in response to the audience warm applause.

The spokesperson said that as all-weather strategic cooperative partners and the iron clad friends, China sincerely wishes Pakistan greater accomplishments and advance its national developments.


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