Pak-China cooperation to explore chemical industry digitalization

BEIJING: Commercial Counsellor of the Embassy of Pakistan in China, Ghulam Qadir led a Pakistani delegation to visit TDD E-commerce Company, a chemical e-commerce platform under IBI Guolian providing digital supply chain and industrial big data services.

The two parties engaged in discussions and exchanges regarding potential cooperation in chemical industry, with the aim of jointly building a digital trading service platform. During the visit, the delegation toured the data center and the Guolian Cloud Digital Experience Hall, where they gained in-depth insights into TDD’s operational model, business scope, as well as the technical capabilities and application scenarios of the Guolian Cloud, according to local media.

In the subsequent discussions, the two sides explored various possibilities for international cooperation, primarily focusing on the joint construction of a digital trading service platform, a localized B2B e-commerce platform and a China-Pakistan digital supply chain service system. Ghulam Qadir stated during the discussions, “Pakistan will soon launch economic zones and industrial parks to provide a favorable business environment and strong support for enterprises.

The achievements of TDD platform in the digital transformation of chemical industry are commendable. Leveraging TDD’s operational experience and advantages in the entire industry chain, we want to jointly create an international one-stop full-chain service for various industries in Pakistan.” Liu Zhai, CEO of TDD, provided a detailed introduction of the TDD platform and its global strategic layout.

She also shared views on the development of TDD’s cross-border e-commerce and the current business operations in Pakistan. “Integrating the upstream and downstream segments of the chemical industry chain in Pakistan is an important strategic layout for TDD’s cross-border e-commerce.

To do that, TDD will cooperate with Pakistani enterprises and continuously expand the scope of services. Cooperating with the Belt and Road Initiative countries, We are also vigorously expand a global supply chain based on the industrial internet platform, she added.

In March, TDD will send a delegation to participate in the Pakistan Coating Show 2024 and conduct market research on the local chemical industry. TDD will organize various activities, including visits to Pakistani companies, exchanges with associations and governments, together with other Chinese enterprises of the industry.


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