Pakistan’s sports products export to China surges in 2023

BEIJING: The surge in Pakistan’s exports of sports products to China in 2023 is mainly due to the growing demand in China for items such as basketball, football and volleyball.

And the exports of these three items increased by around 31% in 2023, said Ghulam Qadir Trade and Investment Counsellor at the Pakistani Embassy in Beijing, according to Gwadar Pro on Thursday.

Ghulam Qadir said that this growth trend underscores the quality and competitiveness of Pakistan’s sports products in the global market, particularly in the realm of athletic equipment.

This surge also indicates potential opportunities for further expansion and collaboration between Pakistan and China in the sector.

“The city of Sialkot, which has a storied history as a hub for sports manufacturing, is recognized for supplying official match balls for prestigious global soccer tournaments.

Pakistani’s basketball, football, and volleyball export to China in 2023 crossed $ 11.93 million whereas last year in the same period (January-December) it was only $ 9.13 million.

Similarly, the exports of the equipment for general physical exercise & gymnastics sports crossed $ 0.83 million. The overall sports related products export to China from Pakistan crossed $14.33 million in 2023,” he stated.


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