One stop facility center set up for incoming members of Parliament

ISLAMABAD: With aim to facilitate and acquaint the newly elected members of the 16th National Assembly of Pakistan, a dedicated facility center has been established within the hallowed halls of the Parliament House in Islamabad. The arrival of these elected officials has commenced, marking the beginning of their journey in the legislative arena.

Under the guidance of Speaker National Assembly Raja Pervez Sharaf, welcoming banners adorn the precincts of Parliament, extending warm greetings to the incoming legislators. To streamline the induction process, a comprehensive one-window facility center has been instituted in Committee Room Number Two of the Parliament House. Here, members are undergoing essential formalities, including obtaining their assembly cards and familiarizing themselves with the protocols of the National Assembly through provided booklets.

Among the privileges extended to the newly inducted members is the issuance of blue passports for themselves, their spouses, parents, and unmarried children under 28 years of age. This passport grants visa-free travel to 46 countries worldwide, albeit necessitating a sworn oath. Concurrently, details of their bank accounts are being collected to facilitate the disbursement of salaries and other entitlements.

Furthermore, as part of their engagement within the parliamentary framework, members are invited to select from four distinct forums: women’s rights, children’s rights, youth welfare, and Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). This initiative aims to encourage active participation in key legislative agendas.

Moreover, an international relations desk has been established within the facility center to gather pertinent information from new members regarding their political affiliations, educational backgrounds, and foreign travel history.

The inauguration of this facility center underscores a commitment to ensuring a smooth transition for incoming members of the National Assembly, empowering them with the resources and support necessary to fulfill their legislative duties effectively.


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