Hindutva outfit sets eyes on Bhojshala mosque in Madhya Pradesh

BHOPAL: After Ayodhya’s Babri Masjid and Gyanvapi Masjid in Varanasi, a Hindutva outfit has set its sights on Bhojshala mosque complex in Madhya Pradesh state in India.

The Hindu Front for Justice Trust has filed a petition in Madhya Pradesh high court claiming the Bhojshala mosque in Dhar city was a temple.

The petitioner urged the Archaeological Survey of India (ASI) to conduct an extensive survey to clarify whether Bhojshala is a temple or a mosque. The ASI, in response, cited a survey conducted in 1902, asserting that a new survey is unnecessary, and the report is already with the high court.

The Maulana Kamaluddin Welfare Society, which is associated with the mosque inside the complex, argued that a court order in 2003 permitted worship on Tuesdays and Fridays, rendering the new petition baseless. Despite this, the petitioner called for a detailed survey to ensure compliance with the Worship Rights Act.

The HC bench, after hearing the arguments of all parties concerned, reserved its order on the plea filed by the Hindutva outfit.

Recent developments have thrust Bhojshala into the spotlight, with Hindu outfits intensifying their campaign to reclaim the site as a temple. Echoing sentiments akin to the Gyanvapi issue, these groups claim the primacy of Hindu religious symbols and seek legal recognition for their claims.

However, the complexity of the matter is underscored by the presence of Muslim worshippers who regard Bhojshala as a mosque. Their steadfast opposition to any attempts to alter the status quo reflects the deep-rooted emotional attachment and religious significance attributed to the site within the Muslim community.

The demand for scientific investigation of Bhojshala has surfaced at a time when a Varanasi court, early this month, ruled that a Hindu priest can perform prayers before the idols in the southern cellar of the Gyanvapi mosque in Uttar Pradesh.


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