Pakistan desirous to increase exports to improve economic situation: President

ISLAMABAD: President Dr. Arif Alvi has said Pakistan was desirous to increase exports for improving economic situation of the country.

While talking to a delegation of Miracle Saltworks Collective, a USA-based salt mining and processing company which called on him in Islamabad on Wednesday, he said Pakistan wants to promote foreign investment and joint ventures in various sectors.

Dr Arif Alvi further stated that we want mutually beneficial business partnerships with foreign companies.

He noted that better processing, packaging and marketing can add value to our salt.

The president said that Pakistani salt can be obtained with high quality and very low investment.

The delegation apprised the President about the potential of Pakistani salt mines in earning foreign exchange, saying that quality and mineral rich rock salt is found only in Pakistan.

The delegation acknowledged that Pakistani salt is of low cost and high quality, emphasizing that the country can benefit from the largest salt market in the world.

It noted that the quality of Pakistani salt in terms of mineral content is the best in the world, and responsible mining, better processing and marketing can increase the value of Pakistani salt.

The delegation informed President Alvi that Miracle Salt Works Collective will invest in Pakistan’s salt sector. The company will mine and process Pakistani salt using high-quality technology.


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