PTI sounds alarm over serious threats to Busra Bibi’s life

ISLAMABAD: Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) raised the alarm over the serious threats to the life of PTI Chairman-for-life Imran Khan’s spouse Bushra Bibi, who had been kept unlawfully in solitary confinement at Bani Gala sub-Jail, suffering from severe pain for the last six days after being given her substandard, harmful, and poisonous food.

In a strongly-worded reaction over the reports of giving harmful food to Bushra Bibi during imprisonment, PTI Spokesperson expressed deep concerns over the serious threats to Bushra Bibi’s life, who had been unjustly and wrongfully imprisoned in a bogus and concocted case.

PTI spokesperson called upon the court and prison authorities to take all much-needed steps to ensure the protection of health and life of the former first lady.

He revealed that the former first lady had been suffering from severe pain for the past six days due to the poisonous food given to her during detention.

PTI spokesperson expressed apprehensions that Bushra Bibi’s health and life were under serious threats, as she was being deprived of her legal and constitutional right to undergo a medical examination.

He lamented that her family was not being allowed to meet Bushra Bibi as part of a deliberate plan to harm her, which was a clear violation of the constitution and prison rules and regulations.

PTI spokesperson made it clear that despite filing a petition in the Islamabad High Court (IHC) regarding shifting from Bani Gala sub-jail to Adiala jail, keeping her in the solitary confinement in Bani Gala sub-Jail was a very shameful and nefarious attempt to demoralize Imran Khan.

He pointed out that after all unconstitutional, undemocratic and immoral tactics fell flat to bend Imran Khan, targeting the righteous and veiled woman, who stood by him in trying times further exposed the decay of this outdated system.

PTI spokesperson warned that the jail authorities and the caretaker government would be
responsible for any harm done to the former first lady.

He stressed the need that according to the petition filed in the IHC, Bushra Bibi should be medically examined by her family physician at the earliest, demanding that the court should fix the plea sans any further delay and issue order to transfer her from Bani Gala sub-jail to Adiala Jail.

PTI spokesperson urged that the court and prison authorities should ensure provision of quality food to the former first lady, besides taking all required steps to ensure protection of her health and life.


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