Imran Khan buries politics of Nawaz, corrupt mafia for good: PTI spokesperson

ISLAMABAD: Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) spokesperson stated that PTI Founding Chairman Imran Khan buried the politics of certified criminal Nawaz Sharif and corrupt mafia for good, who were dreaming to minus Khan from political arena.

PTI spokesperson said that the people thwarted all nefarious plots and schemes to impose the rejected clique under infamous London Plan through their power of votes.

He pointed that “Nawaz’s power hungry brother Show-baz Sharif and Calibri Queen Maryam Nawaz even betrayed him to secure coveted slots in the center and Punjab”.

PTI spokesperson went on to say that Imran Khan’s long and incessant struggle made the nation politically so matured that they closed the chapter of the politics of the certified criminal Nawaz and crooked political mafia forever.

He recalled that the fugitive criminal, convicted by the courts, was brought into the political field under London Plan in total disregard of constitution and ethics to impose on the country under the auspices of the state once again.

PTI spokesman said that the person devoid of political vision, who always came to power with the help of behind-the-scenes compromises, faced a shameful defeat in the people’s court.

He made it clear that people rejected London Project and Nawaz Sharif bite the dust despite all the state facilitations to give him the rein of the country for the fourth time, forcing the plotters to reconsider their decision.

He said that the person, who was dreaming to hold the slot of Prime Minister for the fourth time, was betrayed by his own family members for their own political mileage.

PTI spokesperson noted that on February 8, the people gave clear mandate to Imran Khan and PTI; hence the shameful power sharing attempts among people rejected groups should be sunned because it was an open contempt of the people’s mandate and would have very negative and serious consequences for the country and the economy.

He made it clear that the people would not accept and tolerate another experience of PDM-2 involving a criminal group violating the sanctity of their vote.

PTI spokesperson urged that the decision of people should be respected so as to put the
country on the path of economic and political stability under the visionary leadership of PTI Chairman-for-life Imran Khan.


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