PTI’s core committee highest, empowered policy, decision-making body: Spokesperson

  • Explains individuals’ decisions, statements has nothing to do with party policy

ISLAMABAD: Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) Spokesperson has made it clear that PTI is the largest, most popular and well-organized political party of the country and it has a very strong, effective and coherent decision-making mechanism.

Therefore, he said, that neither the individual’s decisions and actions has anything to do with the party policy nor the party would accept any such decision and statement.

PTI spokesperson elaborated that PTI Core Committee was currently the highest, active and empowered policy and decision-making body, wherein all decisions of PTI were taken with complete consensus after detailed consultation and deliberations.

He further stated that all the decisions of the Core Committee were executed after the final approval of the PTI Founding Chairman Imran Khan.

Apart from this, he explained, that no decision, action or statement of any individual could be given the status of PTI policy nor does PTI accept it, as the party neither has any scope for the decisions of individuals nor the party encourage personal actions.

PTI spokesperson categorically stated that whenever any action was taken by individuals in or outside the country without the formal approval of the PTI, the party had always expressed complete disassociation from such acts and statements and would keep on doing so in the future as well.





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