Chinese firm initiates full-scale construction of 765KV Mansehra Substation

ISLAMABAD: POWERCHINA has commenced the full-scale construction of the Mansehra 765/220KV substation, which will undertake power transmission between Dasu Hydropower Station and the Islamabad Power Grid.

“The groundbreaking ceremony for the Mansehra 765kV Substation, Pakistan’s first 765kV substation EPC (engineering, procurement, and construction) project constructed by POWERCHINA, was grandly held at the project site, signaling the commencement of full-scale construction,” POWERCHINA stated.

The substation is situated in Mansehra city and will facilitate power transmission between Dasu HPP and the federal capital, pioneering the use of 765/220kV voltage for the first time.

This voltage grade represents the highest capacity substation in Pakistan at present. With its completion, by transmitting clean energy, its substation will help alleviate local power shortages and promote economic development in Pakistan.

In January 2023, POWERCHINA SEPCO1 Electric Power Construction Corporation and the National Transmission and Despatch Company (NTDC) of Pakistan signed the EPC contract for the 765 kV Mansehra Substation.

The POWERCHINA has also signed another contract with NTDC, for the project of 765/220kV Mansehra Substation Lot 1. The project will build a 157-km-long 765kV double-circuit AC transmission line between the Dasu Hydropower Station and the Mansehra Substation, according to Gwadar Pro.

As per the Ministry of Water Resources, the Dasu Hydropower Project (DHPP) is a run-of-river project on the Indus River, located 7 km upstream of Dasu Town in District Kohistan.

The site is 74 km downstream of the proposed Diamer Bhasha Dam site and 350 km from Islamabad. Upon its completion, the DHPP will have a total installed capacity of 4320 MW with 12 generating units.

It is among the priority projects under the National Power Policy 2013 and Vision 2025 of the Government of Pakistan.


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