Saad urges ECP to attend to concerns regarding constituencies

LAHORE: Khawaja Saad Rafiq, the prominent leader of the Muslim League-N, voiced his concerns over the apparent lack of a level playing field in the upcoming elections, asserting that their constituencies have been adversely affected.

In a press statement on Thursday, he highlighted that the constituencies, including that of Shahbaz Sharif, have felt the impact of recent bans.

He disclosed that despite raising the issue with the Election Commission regarding his constituency, his pleas went unanswered. He emphasized that while some votes remain unaccounted for, the election must proceed as scheduled on February 8, with no delays tolerated.

“We are engaging with all parties contesting the election, actively seeking better candidates to secure victory,” stated Rafiq, underscoring the importance of fair representation in the democratic process.

Addressing the broader political landscape, he stressed that the ongoing challenges facing Pakistan are only a temporary relief. He argued that economic recovery hinges on the formation of an elected government, asserting that international institutions take such a government more seriously.

Commenting on the political journey of Imran Khan and the PTI, Rafiq remarked, “PTI spent 15 years on social media without building meaningful connections with the political community. Imran Khan failed to establish alliances with political parties and households sympathetic to his cause.”

He criticized the recent delimitation of constituencies, particularly in his area, stating that the Election Commission wrongly rejected their objections. He vowed to challenge the decision in the High Court, citing the division of the Walton Kent Board into four National Assembly constituencies as an unjust move.

As the political atmosphere intensifies with upcoming elections and Senate polls in March, He concluded, “Local bodies should be protected within the constitutional framework, and the importance of an elected government cannot be overstated for the nation’s progress.”


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