LAMA expands with stylish new outlet at Emporium Mall

LAHORE: Popular Lahore-based fashion retail startup LAMA opened its doors for the second time in its birth city, following successful openings in Islamabad and Karachi earlier this year. The newest store in Emporium Mall is a contemporary space, keeping with the brand’s aesthetics of minimal and relevant high street fashion.

The massive success of a western-wear fashion startup like LAMA in a retail landscape dominated by thousands of ethnic-wear brands, is rare. The brand, which first opened in 2021 in Lahore, started operations at the peak of the pandemic and has managed to thrive despite lockdowns and an economic crisis. The secret sauce seems to be a mix of great merchandise, good prices and good social media messaging.

Located on the highest floor of the emporium mall building, the “shop at the top” has been bustling since it opened for business on Tuesday.

“It’s been a beautiful season so far,” Amal Khan, co-founder and creative director at LAMA told Pakistan Today. “Next year, we’re looking forward to more growth, more stores, better customer experiences and really exciting merchandise.”

LAMA is slated to open next in Centaurus Mall Islamabad and the yet unfinished Dolmen Mall in Lahore, before venturing out to other cities.


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