Experts emphasize lifestyle change to control escalating diabetes rates in Pakistan

ISLAMABAD: Martin Dow Marker organized awareness sessions and diabetes screenings at South City Hospital Karachi to address the escalating diabetes prevalence in Pakistan, particularly among children.

Healthcare professionals highlighted the significance of adopting a healthy lifestyle to prevent and manage diabetes, said a press release received here on Sunday. Dr. Zakir Alavi, a diabetes expert, discussed the role of dietary habits in the disease’s development, emphasizing the impact of excessive sugar, oil, and adulterated item consumption.

Dr. Alvi revealed that approximately 26 percent of the Pakistani population, around 33 million people, are diabetic, underscoring the importance of precautionary measures and regular tests for individuals above 35.

Dr. Imranul Haq, a specialist in diabetes, expressed concern about the rapid spread of diabetes among children. He attributed this surge to the lack of physical activities, which is accentuated by the excessive use of electronic gadgets such as mobile phones and tablets.

Dr Haq emphasized the need for engaging in regular exercise to manage and control diabetes. The event underscored the importance of exercising caution in the consumption of sugar, jiggery, and similar items. Attendees were advised to incorporate physical activities into their daily lives as a preventive measure against diabetes.

As part of the initiative, free diabetic tests were offered to participants, promoting early detection and intervention. The participants at the event appreciated the insights shared by the healthcare professionals, and the provision of free diabetic tests that will contribute to raising awareness and encouraging individuals to take proactive steps in managing their health. Founded in 1995, Martin Dow is a Pakistan multinational pharmaceutical group, a
status achieved through rigorous efforts of its management and employees.

Martin Dow markets over 60 brands with more than 2500 employees countrywide. It markets research-based products and world-class branded generics which are developed, formulated, and manufactured at its cGMP compliant manufacturing facilities located in Karachi, Quetta, and Lahore. Martin Dow’s high-quality products are manufactured according to international standards and are widely accepted in countries with high healthcare growth.


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