Light rain provides respite to smog-stricken Lahore, easing air quality concerns

LAHORE: Much to the relief of citizens, the light rain which poured down Thursday in Lahore has improved the air quality of the otherwise smog-choked city as its AQI level has gone down to 169 today.

Now Lahore has changed its position from the most polluted city of the world to number seven.

Following the improvement in the air quality level in the Punjab capital, the provincial government has lifted all the smog-related restrictions.

The Punjab government has also announced winter break. The educational institutions will remain closed from December 18 till January 1.

In his tweet, Punjab Chief Minister Mohsin Naqvi informed that there would be no restrictions planned for the upcoming weekend due to improvement in the air quality level.

The weather in Lahore will remain misty today with minimum temperature recorded at 13C and maximum temperature would reach 23C.



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