Keamari police launches intensive crackdown, seizes millions in smuggled goods

KARACHI: Under the directives of SSP District Keamari, Arif Aslam Rao, the relentless efforts to curb smuggling activities persist in the region.

Saeedabad police station, operating under the supervision of Keamari district, has intensified its anti-smuggling operations along the Hub River Road.

In a recent operation, law enforcement successfully confiscated a significant haul of smuggled goods.

The seized items comprised two pick-up vans, a high-roof vehicle, a rickshaw, and six motorcycles—all laden with illicit merchandise.

The recovered non-custom paid goods, valued at millions of rupees, encompassed a diverse range of items.

Among the confiscated goods were 40 rolls of cloth, 24 sacks of yeast, 25 sacks of ketchup, 15 sacks of dry milk, 4 cartons of cooking oil, 3 cartons of shampoo, one sack of betel nuts, and 30 packets of cigarettes.

Furthermore, those suspected of involvement in the smuggling operation were apprehended.

Both the smuggled goods and the vehicles used for transportation have been impounded by the police.

Subsequently, these confiscated goods and vehicles are slated to be handed over to the Customs authorities for further investigation and necessary legal action.


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