Aleema Khan warns of potential audio clip leaks, raises concerns over privacy

Aleema Khanum, the sister of Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) Chairman Imran Khan, has cautioned those who leaked an audio clip, purportedly featuring Bushra Bibi and former PM’s lawyer Latif Khosa, to be mindful of their own business, expressing concern that anyone’s audio could be leaked at any given moment.

In the audio clip, Bushra and Khosa could be heard discussing their grievances against Khan’s sisters.

The former first lady recalls a recent incident when Khan’s sisters raised concerns about the handling of a case related to Khan’s safety in Attock jail. She went on to say that the presence of the sisters created complications.

“Tomorrow, it could be anyone’s audio leaking… we should worry about our homes as well,” Aleema said while talking to media representatives outside the Islamabad Judicial Complex on Friday.

She said that even the US president was declared ineligible as no one was allowed to breach anyone’s privacy. “Our sense of shame and decency is eroding. Intruding into people’s homes is unacceptable, and we must collectively condemn such breaches,” she added.

“First, they tarnished the sanctity of women by breaking the code of chadar and chaar deewari. What will they do next? Dragging women out in the open for public spectacle,” she questioned.

Khan’s sister said that even an audio clip of the mother-in-law of a former chief justice was leaked. “We might be listening to your wife’s next,” she concluded.


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