Another Israeli-owned ship seized in Indian Ocean: US defense official

WASHINGTON: An Israeli-owned ship became the target of a suspected drone attack in the Indian Ocean on Friday.

The information was disclosed by an anonymous US defense official. The vessel in question, CMA CGM Symi, fell victim to the attack in international waters, amidst heightened concerns for regional shipping routes during Israel’s conflict with Gaza.

The assault on the CMA CGM Symi occurred shortly before the commencement of a four-day ceasefire on Friday, according to Lebanon’s Al-Mayadeen news network.

The risk management company Ambrey suggested that the attack was likely aimed at the vessel due to its Israeli association through the Israeli-owned shipping management company, Eastern Pacific Shipping.

The Symi is owned by Eastern Pacific Shipping, a Singapore-based company belonging to Israeli billionaire Idan Ofer.

In 2011, The Sunday Times in the UK reported allegations that ships owned by the Ofer family had been involved in transporting Israeli Special Forces units for operations, including assassinations, in the region.

The Israeli army, as reported by the Jewish Press news outlet on Saturday, stated that the Houthi rebels had seized another Israeli-owned ship in the Red Sea, identified as the Zim Luanda.

The vessel was reportedly en route from Israel to China. This revelation followed a cryptic post by Houthi military spokesman Yahya Sarea on X, simply reading “Zim.”

On November 19, the Yemeni Naval Forces, affiliated with the Houthi Resistance movement, boarded and took control of an Israeli-owned ship named Galaxy Leader, which flew the flag of the Bahamas.

Earlier that day, Yemen’s Armed Forces had declared their intent to target all vessels associated with Israel in the Red Sea until Israel ceases its actions in Gaza, which they referred to as genocide.



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