Punjab CM Naqvi takes notice of forced closure of shops in Lahore

LAHORE: Taking notice of the closure of shops in Lahore by force, Punjab Chief Minister Syed Mohsin Naqvi on Friday directed the DIG operations to stop local authorities from forcing traders to shut down their businesses.

The chief minister said that nobody could be allowed to force traders to close their shops. “They are free to run their businesses even on Fridays,” he said categorically.

Also on Friday, CM Naqvi, at a ceremony held in Lahore, pinned badges on the shirts of five ASPs on their promotion to SPs.

Families of the police officials were also present on the occasion.

The police officials were Salman Zafar, Taimoor Khan, Bushra Nisar, Sidra Khan and Munazza Karamat.

Speaking on the occasion, the chief minister congratulated them on their promotion and expressed his good wishes for them. “Every honest, hardworking and professional policeman deserves promotion,” he said, and added, “The Punjab government will continue to support such personnel.”

He further said that the police would have to come up to the expectations of people by changing the ‘Thana Culture’, and focusing on resolving the problems of complainants.


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