Cypher case shows as if state intends to punish Khan through ‘pre-decided decision’: PTI

— Urges CJP to take notice of constitutional violations, murder of justice

— Calls Farrukh’s presser part of same scheme to out PTI of politics

ISLAMABAD: Pakistan Tehreek-i-Insaf (PTI) Core Committee on Monday raised serious questions over the pattern on the court proceeding of the cipher case against PTI Chairman Imran Khan and said that it seemed the state intended to punish him through a pre-determined decision like in the hearing of the case of Toshakhana.

PTI Core Committee meeting strongly condemned the murder of justice to make Imran Khan, the prisoner of conscience, a target of revenge, who was at the mercy of the paralyzed justice system, says a statement issued by the PTI.

The forum said that after Toshakhana’s controversial verdict, the full-of-defects proceedings on the Cipher case were a clear example of discriminatory and flawed justice.

They pointed out that the destroying the justice system and making the courts a living example of kangaroo courts was very detrimental to the the state and society.

PTI Core Committee said that the Judiciary, especially the Supreme Court, apparently miserably failed in safeguarding the Constitution and the citizens’ fundamental rights enshrined in it.

The participants made it clear that without the establishment of law and justice, no plan could succeed to guide the country out of the prevailing economic, political and social crises, adding that Pakistan could only be put on the right track by giving the constitution a decisive status and accepting its implementation as the prime duty.

The forum appealed that the Chief Justice of Pakistan should immediately take notice of the worst deviation from the constitution and the political revenge against PTI Chairman through the flawed judicial process.

In the meeting, they reviewed that the press conference of Farrukh Habib, PTI West Punjab President, upon his sudden reappearance after three-week-long enforced disappearance.

They pointed out that Farrukh Habib’s recovery was a welcome sign but his press conference was a part of the same old extra-constitutional and unlawful brutal tactics to pull PTI out from politics, which had been going on for the last 17 months.

However, PTI core committee made it clear that it was next to impossible to mislead the nation through such staged dramas with same hackneyed script while mere changing the faces and style.

“The forum contended that Alhamdulillah, all attempts to force PTI out of the political arena through the state’s extra-constitution, unlawful and undemocratic tactics were proving counterproductive, as the party’s popularity was increasing rapidly with each passing day,” the statement said.

They reminded that all such attempts to bend the nation through coercion and oppression to change the dynamic and nature of politics were neither successful before nor now.

In the meeting, they strongly condemned the brutal killing of labourers in Balochistan and expressed heartfelt sympathy and solidarity with the bereaved families.

The forum demanded that those responsible for the murder of the workers should be brought to justice without delay.


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