Fatima murder case: Suspects likely to be freed under ‘deal’

KHAIRPUR: Three suspects arrested in Fatima murder case, the 10-year-old housemaid died in Ranipur Haveli of Pir Asad Ali Shah, are likely to be freed under a ‘deal.’

According to sources having knowledge of the matter, the ‘deal’ is struck through an ‘agent’ of a high-ranked police officer in the Fatima murder case۔

According to police sources, the arrested doctor, compounder, the MS, would be released from the Fatima murder case under a ‘deal of Rs5 million’.

Sources police say that at the request of the large officer, not all people were convicted of innocent. Assad Shah, the main accused of the Gaga, Fatima case, could not be investigated۔

Earlier, police arrested the medical superintendent of the Ranipur Rural Health Centre Ali Hassan Wassan for facilitating prime suspect Asad Shah and hiding facts in the murder case.

Wassan had allegedly facilitated the prime suspect Asad Shah by transporting Fatima’s body via an ambulance without conducting the post-mortem.

IG Sukkur division, Javed Jiskani said the medical report has confirmed the physical and sexual assault of Fatima. The top court further said DNA samples have been collected from the residents of Ranipur Haveli and after the report, the culprit, who raped Fatima will be identified.


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