China, Pakistan hold joint air force exercise

LANZHOU: China and Pakistan kicked off a joint air force training exercise on Monday within Chinese territory as part of efforts to further boost training and coordination between the two militaries and deepen their exchange and cooperation on military technology.

Codenamed “Shaheen (Eagle) – X,” it is the 10th joint training exercise between the Chinese and Pakistani air forces. The exercise will focus on training in typical combat scenarios such as joint air defense and joint countermeasures.

The two sides will send fighters, early warning aircraft and several other types of aircraft, as well as ground forces such as ground-to-air missiles and radar and signal troops to participate in the exercise. Chinese naval aviation units will also be involved in the training.

The “Shaheen (Eagle)” series between the two countries started in March 2011.

Earlier, the Chinese Defense Ministry said it will begin joint military drills with Singapore this week.

The Cooperation-2023 joint military exercises will be held from late August until mid-September, it said.

Troops will participate in sniping combat, close-quarters combat, rappelling and hostage rescue, it added.


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