Rickshaw driver assaults married woman

Rickshaw driver subjected married woman to physical assault which came out the fourth consecutive incidents related to sexual offence in the district with offenders were still at large, police said Thursday.

Police said, victim named Bashiran Bibi, r/o Ihsan Pur had left for Daera Din Panah to collect stipend for her children from easypaisa mobile shop by rickshaw owned by Muhammad Zafar, son of Elahi Bukhsh. According to the lady, the rickshaw’s owner took her in his own home rather to desired destination, where he subjected her to rape, while an accomplice of him remained as guard outside home to protect the accused. Police Daera Din Panah registered case against the accused after taking out victim’s medical to prove the offence.

Earlier, the police said that a 16 years old girl, Fatima Bibi, was raped yesterday in similar way when rickshaw driver identified as Muhammad Kamran, son of Allah Ditta picked to leave her at hometown called Noor Kubra. Police was said to have apprehended the alleged criminal after registering case on report of her father. Catching the accused involved into the said offence came out as sole police success in all said crimes related to physical assault committed one after another here.

In another incident, a teen-aged girl was molested during her morning walk the day before yesterday here. The accused killed her brother when the latter tried to restrain offenders’ move against his sister after reaching out the spot.

Similarly, a woman was raped during midnight of May 13 in front of her children during robbery bid. Police registered cases but the accused were yet to be arrested whereas their search was on what it was claimed.

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