PM unveils package to secure investment in export-oriented industries

LAHORE: Prime Minister Imran Khan on Tuesday unveiled a package of incentives to promote the industrial sector with a focus on attracting investment from the local and expatriate business community and strengthening Pakistan’s export-oriented industrial and manufacturing base.

“Along with local businessmen, we are also inviting overseas Pakistani entrepreneurs to invest in the country’s industrial sector. Besides the expatriates, the local businessmen in the joint venture will also enjoy a five-year tax holiday with no questions,” he said while addressing a ceremony that was attended by a large number of businessmen and representatives of the various chambers of commerce and industry.

Khan said the government was doing its best for the promotion of export-oriented industries — vital for socio-economic development and progress — including the measures to strengthen small and medium enterprises (SMEs) and revive the sick industrial units.

He said there was a need to attract the nine million-strong diaspora — a precious asset for the country — to invest in their homeland by incentivising and giving them confidence in the protection of their hard-earned capital.

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